Does Your Slots Strategy Work?

Playing slots may be as easy as inserting some coins, pulling a lever, and watching the spinning reels until you win. On the other hand, as more and more people are statistically winning, it is also believed more and more that playing the machine doesn't only depend on your luck, - that it is also subject to strategy. This may be true, but only in part. Remember that not all slots strategies are true. A lot of myths has gone out, probably coming from slots owners themselves, trying to get more hopeful players. Then again, there are slots strategy theories that have valid explanations. It may help dissecting some known ways of playing the slots.

Basically, playing slot machines fall into two kinds: It's either playing 'Progressive' Slots or just 'Straight' Slots. Playing which type will give more or less chances or amounts of winning. Regarding the two types of play emerged what is believed to be the number one slots strategy: Sure betting on the Straight slots. You also get to win a bigger amount if you win the Progressive slots, but chances are, you a have lesser chance of winning compared to winning the REGULARLY paying out Straight slots.

Still, there is a contrasting slots strategy inclined towards playing and winning on the Progressive slots. By playing on the maximum number of lines and maximum bet on each line (10 coins per line), you have more chances of winning the ultimate (progressive or accumulated) jackpot. All slots in general, pay the big jackpot only on the maximum paid pulls. And even if you don't win the big jackpot, you could still win 'something.' This is so far true as with the Star Wars slots for example, which gives bonus rounds and which also gives more credits for more play, therefore more wins or chances of winning - IF you play on the maximum bet.

The maxed-out-bet type of slots strategy is the same underlying concept why more people are turning into high-betters seeking out higher-pay machines (in the 'high limit' area) that have a bigger jackpot till, regardless of winning Straight or Progressive. This is next popular slots strategy. But what if you're not into risking a big amount of money?

You could still win the slots though you're just putting in a few changes from your pockets. Just make sure that you play the single pay-line machines. They cost less and give a greater probability of winning. That is where the slots strategy is.

Lastly, you could use timing to 'cheat' the slots. Legal slots have a set amount of jackpot ready to be won at some specified time (say, every hour?). Casinos actually have a regular budget for slot machine giveaways, probably as mandated from the law that requires slot owners to pay out at least 80% of the total number of coins collected by their machines. So, hypothetically, the budget for regular slot machine giveaways get the biggest after the casino or pub made a lot of money just after a busy week. There's the hint.

These, so far, are the soundest slots strategies that I could find. All others that I encountered are just funny.