The Bad Slot Hogs and What to do About Them

Sometimes when the casino is crowded sooner or later you will find someone who plays many slot machines at the same time. This player is called a Slot Hog. They play several slot machines at the same time. Sometimes they play one machine for a moment and they do not want the machine next to them to be used because they will use it after a few minutes.

If you sit down on one of the machines they will yell at you that they are playing that machine also. They can get pretty nasty when you go sit or even go to machine that is near them. This usually happens where there are a limited number of slot machines or in a place where there are only a few casinos.

Some casinos do not allow this kind of behavior. They have signs that say only one machine should only be used when the casino is crowded but sometimes this policy is not always followed. This can be quite uncomfortable for some players who visit the casino just for entertainment.

Sometimes they will drop a token on the machine even if they are not using it for some players not to play it. They refuse to move especially any machine that is adjacent to them.

Here are a few suggestions on how to handle this kind of player in the casino:

You should ask the person nicely if you can use one of the machines. Always ask kindly with a smile on your face so they will lend one of their machines to you. If they do not want to share the machines you can just simply walk away and search for another vacant machine.

If you cannot find any other available machine to play with ask a slot attendant to talk to the slot hog. This usually does the trick but sometimes when the slot attendant leaves the slot hog can be nasty and verbally abuse you or do things to make you regret your decision. Try to avoid confrontations if you end up in a fight then there goes your good time in the casino.

Most players are willing to share their slot machines with you. It really depends on what type of person you came across as. Just try to avoid nasty slot hogs as they can cause problems to ruin your day.

It is really best to avoid going to a casino during the crowded times during weekends especially Saturdays. Try to do something else rather than going to the casino during those busy times. Always remember the casino is for entertainment. You go there to have fun and enjoy.